Charms and Bracelets During Pandora Soldes

According to the Greek Mythology, the first woman to ever walk the surface of the Earth was called Pandora. The story goes by when Prometheus decided to steal the secret of fire from the top of Mt. Olympus. Because of this, Zeus and the other gods decided to bring punishment to all of the humanity. They decided to bring forth a woman out of Earth. The gods even decided to give the woman all of the qualities and gifts that will give humanity, and the Earth as a whole, misery. Because of this, she was given the name Pandora which was derived from an old language meaning “All Gifted”.

Men were instructed not to accept Pandora. Nevertheless, a man named Epimetheus was enamored by his beauty and charm that he decided to take her in. This was the beginning of humanities hardships and misery. There are also other versions of the story that tells people about a certain box or vessel. She opened the vessel and from it came out all the miseries and hardships mankind experience today. There are other manuscripts that stated that it is now impossible to get back all of the evil that came out of the box.


The Products

Given this story, some people have derived to make beautiful jewelry out of the theme of Pandora’s box. This is because even though misery and plagues came out of the box, there is still one remaining element left inside it. It is called hope. The designs of the charms and bracelets inside the box sold in a Pandora Soldes is based on hope. Here are some of the jewelry that you can find inside a Pandora’s box.

  • Charms
  • Bracelets
  • Earrings
  • Necklaces and Pendants

If you will be able to see this jewelry, you will be sure to be enamored by its beauty and charm. Pandora Charms and Bracelets are excellent, beautiful items so you may want to check them out.






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